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how about these wheels

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does anyone here have enkei CDR 9's on their Jetta?? if so can you post a pic or photochoppers do one up for me. i got a black Jetta. a guy i work with has them on his ZX3 and he is getting tantrums and is gonna let the 16" enkei's go super cheap. what are ya'lls thoughts on the wheel??
thanks in advance.
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Re: how about these wheels (phat-black-dub)

'cause we don't like Enkei's... But if you like them, go for them.
Re: how about these wheels (phat-black-dub)

All of the Enkei designs I have seen fit the look of Japanese cars better than our cars.
But like I said, and Ramone said... Our opinion means nothing. It is your car. If you like them, get them!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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