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Re: How bad are hot restrikes??? (vivagarcia)

From what I've heard your ballast can tolerate them but it slowly wears down the componants (both bulb and ballast).
If your hot restrikes are off,on, off,on, off,on (like if you use your high beams and don't keep your low HID's on) then I'm almost 100% positive that either your ballast or bulb will be toast. And my guess would be the ballast before the bulbs. From what I've learned OEM d1/2/s bulbs are very durable. It's the ballast which can be the weak point.
If you are talking about an occasional hot restrike ("trip to the store and find out the store is closed" type thing) that doesn't hurt much.
Why do you ask? What is your application?
As for EVERY new car (that doesn't have bi-xenons) when the owner turns on his halogen high beams the xenons are designed to stay ON. And the main purpose was not b/c the high beams do not suffice (they are plenty) but mostly b/c the xenons would be stressed if you turned them on and off like that.
Obviously, it's a good thing...b/c it adds plenty more light on back roads.
If you are having aproblem with a ballast shutting down a lot and you are constantly hot restriking to get them ignited again...
Trust me, I found out the hard way that you can ruin a ballast in about a WEEK like that. Happened to me TWICE!!!! No sh!t.
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