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Hi, I need to replace few things on my vf stg2 s/c r32.
1. replace filter,couplers, maf
2. replace s/c belt
3. replace injectors to stock.
4. add maf incline resistor.
5. replace 4bar fpr to 5bar.
I was going to take it to the shop and do it buy they said it probably take 2-3days to get it done. I was thinking its just too long for those jobs. I was thinking 3-4hrs.
so I'm thinking just changing myself if its not that hard.
How hard is it?
replacing filter, fpr, couplers, would be piece of cake. also putting a resistor too if I know where to.
but I never changed injectors and belt myself.
Do you guys think its something I can do myself?
I have done several installs meself when I had 1.8t jetta. most bolt ons.(exhaust, intake, oils, TIH, etc)
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