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Re: how do I change brake pads on the 11.3 vr6 brakes (WOB_GTI)

note: this is for MKIVs not sure if MKIII VR6s have 11.3" brakes as well but brakes are brakes. Wont be much if any different.
Front pads are too easy. Remove wheel. Remove two bolts on the back side of the carrier ( I believe they use a 13mm allen but cant remember the size). Anyway they have a plastic protective covering so they are easy to find. Remove the steel retainer wire from off the caliper. Pull the caliper up off the carrier. take out old pads, use generic brake piston compressor to push piston into calipers. Put new pads in where old pads where. Put caliper back down on carrier and bolt the two bolts back up. PUMP the brakes before driving. The drivers side has a connector for the sensor. otherwise the same. Should take 30 minutes or less. To change the rotors require removing just two more bolts to take the carrier off completely. The rears require some sort of special piston compressor that twist and taking off the parking brake from the caliper but I havent had to do the rears yet.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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