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how do i fit an MKIII VR6 front lip on an MKII?

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A friend of mine wants my old VR6 front lip on his 92 GTi. I havent even looked at his front bumper yet, but I am sure some kind soul will help us out and tell us what needs to be done. thanks,
IM me, thanks.....
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Re: how do i fit an MKIII VR6 front lip on an MKII? (duff_man2000)

Found this on the web for ya:
Re: how do i fit an MKIII VR6 front lip on an MKII? (jervwgti)

this is how pete pham told me to do it about 4 years ago, works well
"I have to warn you that getting it to fit an A2 is a pain in the ass.
1. Remove the bumper from the car, and turn it upside down. Take the old
spoiler off of the bumper. There is a channel underneath the bumper. cut it
off so that you have a completely flat surface to work with.
2. On the new spoiler, there are locking tabs . cut the very end off of the
tabs so that they are also flat leaving a tang to mount with.
3. Start from the middle using some good sheet metal screws. Attach the left
over tang onto the bumper. When you get to the corners, trim away some of
the plastic on the top and bottom of the spoiler so that it can bend. Using
a heat gun here really helps to form the corners.
4. Once you get to the ends, you will need to use a utility knife or a
regular exacto knife to trim away the extra plastic.
If you take your time, it will come out good. Plan on spending a couple of
hours doing it. Other people have done it using the existing tabs and just
snapping it into the channel. Problem with this is it causes the spoiler to
flare out a bit. IMHO, this doesn't looks as good. If you do it the way I
described, it will sit flat and look like it does on the A3's.
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Re: how do i fit an MKIII VR6 front lip on an MKII? (mat2.8)

Thanks all. I guess we have our work cut out for ourselves... err, he does, haha

thanks again,
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