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How do i get rid of my a/c condensor

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I need to get rid of my a/c condensor. Can anyone help a fellow dubber out? I heard something about a euro belt or something of that sort. Also can i take out the powersteering pump? If so, how? Please help. Thanks

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Re: How do i get rid of my a/c condensor (A2CTi16v)

I would like to up the ante on this thread and ask for detailed removal instructions for the whole A/C system ('92 GTI 16v). I plan to do this very soon.
I have read the threads about the 8v pully swap/bracket modifications which helps with the belt, but I think I need more info about what wiring and A/C lines can be pulled. The more detailed the better. The Bentley doesn't say squat.
Is there any way that you can F any thing up? Would anyone recommend buying a non-AC bracket over the 8v pulley swap?
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Re: How do i get rid of my a/c condensor (A2CTi16v)

I am in need of doing the same thing so help us out.
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Re: How do i get rid of my a/c condensor (VR6GLX)

argghh.....ive been going through this for about a year now on and off

first, of all don't be afraid just to yank all of that AC shiieet out of there. i even went as far as to pull the evaporator in the heater box, and the switch on the HVAC controls. evaporator, condensor, compressor, all lines and switches.
keep in mind i have PS.
first i left the alternator where it and got a longer belt to cover the crank pulley, water pump (idler pulley). i also used an 8v alternator pulley. however, the alternator didn't perfectly line up and now the water pump idler pulley is going clackety-clack. i hear this setup works better if you don't have PS.
my next plan was to put the stock pulley back on and see if i can lower the alternator to where the compressor used to be per:
i tried grinding as little as possible to make it fit (im trying to avoid removing the whole bracket as much as possible, but the fukkin thing STILL didnt line up even with the stock pulley on. i don't know if the belt will tension without grinding a bunch of shiiet off.
i'm going to remove the entire PS system this summer anyway (too overboosted for me) so i'll just get all the pulleys off of a rabbit and experiment with that.
here's another site:
can someone PLEASE archive this thread or something??? i'm getting tired of this coming up every two weeks
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Re: How do i get rid of my a/c condensor (rocco2nr)

It sounds like the pully/belt situation is a bitch. I don't want to be jerking around with the belts all the time after I rip out the A/C. I want to keep power steering, so I guess I'll look into the non-AC bracket a bit more.
Thanks for your repeated input rocco2nr!


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Re: How do i get rid of my a/c condensor (DgenR8)

grind down where the AC used to mount (the bolt hole) and right above it so that the alternator can be tensioned Look at the two "support" pieces above where the alternator mounts, in the pic you can see that they are shiney. Or you can just cut these off.

oh yeah, you use your stock A/C pulley for this. It lines up 98%, it could use a thin washer under the pulley to make it perfectly alligned. But it works, I haven't had any problems.
Only grind away the side away from the belts.

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Re: How do i get rid of my a/c condensor (88Jetta)

I just did it to my g/fs scirocco 16v. Remove the compressor and get a pulley from a rabbit w/ no power steering or a/c. The pulley is about 1 1/2 from the alternator fan. You need a belt thats 43 1/2 inches long. Keep the stock location for the alternator. Its that simple. Took me all but an hour to remove the entire a/c from the firewall forward. Email me for any info
Re: How do i get rid of my a/c condensor (GTibunny16v)

Use 8V alternator pulley 049-903-119-L ($21.25 MSRP), and a longer belt(I can't remember the Gates #) and voila!
HTH. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: How do i get rid of my a/c condensor (A2CTi16v)

I went to the RPi site. They sell a Kit for $200. I'm going to try it out and tell you if it works.
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