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how do i hook a scircco cell/volt meter?

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EDIT. this is for my 87 gti 16v.

whoops. its stock from a scirocco tho. pulled it from the yard thinkin maybe i can use it

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Re: how do i hook a scircco cell/volt meter? (Josh[deady]Able)

To hook up the voltage meter (I'm guessing these 'rocco gauges are just like the ones in the Cabby), simply provide power and ground to it, and illumination if you want the guage to light up. There are several places you can get power form, but it is best to try to get it from something you want to monitor, such as the alternator or battery. This requires the use of a relay, so the guage isn't on all the time. The relay is turned on with the ignition...it connects the alt/battery to the guage.
I decided to skip the relay, and I wired my volt gauge into the fuse block...I just found an ignition hot and used a male blade connector to fit the fuse block.
If you got the other guages, which are the oil temp and oil pressure guages, you'll want to get the oil temp sender from the oil filter flange (unless you have a MFA which has oil temps in it, then I'm not sure how to hook it up, I imagine just remove one of the plugs on the filter flange and insert another sender), and it is the one with the white band around it in this pic:

If you have the oil pressure guage, you'll want to grab the sender on the side of the head that looks like this guy:

One of the terminals on the sender is for the guage, the other is for the stock oil pressure system, or the wire you'll remove from your single terminal sender in order to install this dual terminal sender


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Re: how do i hook a scircco cell/volt meter? (Broke)

again my savior. do any older vw's come with the oil temp or oil pressure gauges? If so I'll be back on my way there this weekend again.
Re: how do i hook a scircco cell/volt meter? (eastcoastdubs)

The Cabriolet came with the guages...in fornt of the shifter, in the center console.
Also, some older Audis had the guages and senders I believe.
Basically, if you're going through the junkyard, just look inside the car for the guages, or if you're looking under hoods, look at the side of the head...if it has that big round sender in it, grab it! Be sure to use a properly fitting wrench on the base of the sender, right next to the head. It looks like you could just grab it and twist it out, since it is big around and you can get good torque on it, but you'll just ruin it if you try that
Trust me

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Re: how do i hook a scircco cell/volt meter? (Broke)

k thanks again
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