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How do I take the headrest out of a Recaro?

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I know this was covered a couple of months ago.. but I cant recall what the final consensus was..
So, like the topic says... how do I get it out?
I have these Recaros:

(thanks for the pic whoever I stole this from
Its strange, the headrests on my back seats are square in shape, and they have little C-clips in the plastic piece where they mount to the seat.. the front ones dont have this clip.
edit: without taking the seat apart preferably

[Modified by lyledriver, 9:17 AM 2-13-2002]
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Re: How do I take the headrest out of a Recaro? (lyledriver)

Just a side note.... is it possible to replace those headrests with Audi "hollow" ones after you've figured out how to get them off?
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