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Re: How do ya do up a REAL REAR FOG?? (evilveedub)

quote:[HR][/HR]Anyone know how to wire in a rear fog that runs off a euroswitch?
Is there a dash icon that lights up? I have a 01 WOB Edition.
Is there wiring involved to get an icon, or is it prewired?
I tried to search, but the search feature eats...[HR][/HR]​
Search for "Bora20," he has an amazing site that will lead you through the installation. There is no icon in the dash on the '01, your best bet would be to solder a small LED into the euro switch, for which you'll want to look up "SSheikh" and his instructions. Wiring the rear light is easy though; pick up a VW wiring repair kit and a length of 18AWG wire, plug the repair kit into the switch (NLA slot?), cut it, solder in your length of wire, solder the remainder of the repair kit into the length of wire, and plug into the tail light cluster. Buy a brake light bulb, plug it in, and enjoy

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