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How do I analyze my differential gear (out of car)?
1999 b5 a4 quattro auto tiptronic.
FRONT passenger differential.
I have having strange whining noise from the trans, and the pass. cv axle was badly busted, so I was guessing maybe it damaged the pass. diff also.

I pulled the differential out already.
Now I have no idea how you are supposed to tell if it is bad or good? It looks fine. No scratches, or broken metal, or metal shavings at all. The gears inside slide around smoothly.
But there is one metal disc that flops around loosely in the center of it.
This is the metal disc(washer?) that sits on the very end of the input flange.
The bolt at the center of the input flange threads into this disc.

Is that disc(washer?) supposed to be kinda loose in there? or should it be flush and moving smoothly like the rest of the components?
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