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How Do You Best Maintain Vinyl Roof on Cabrio

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My daughter just got a used 00 Cabrio and it has the vinyl roof. We are wondering how is the best way to keep it looking excellent and get the most life from it. The roof is black.
Help and Suggestions from Experienced Oweners are Appreciated
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Re: How Do You Best Maintain Vinyl Roof on Cabrio (GreenGTI)

As absurd as this sounds, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
It dries out the vinyl, and the roof can need replacement in as
little at three years--$800 bucks for the vinyl layer if you buy a
non-VW roof, more if you purchase a original manufacturer part.
I'd invest in a car cover, or be sure to park the car in a garage when
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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