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How do you do this...?

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I replaced the fuel injector O-rings today, but couldn't figure out how to replace these lower inserts...

Please explain. THanks

[Modified by dubwerkz, 7:11 PM 11-27-2001]
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Re: How do you do this...? (dubwerkz)

you need a 13mm hex socket (allen key) and 4 new shrouds/o-rings (but it looks like you have them already).
remove the brass seats from the lower intake, breaking all 4 plastic shrouds in the process (make sure not to drop anything down the hole) and make sure the old crappy o-ring comes with it. clean everything up (a brass wire brush/wheel works well) and jam it all back together. i think the bently calls for loctite, if so, use the blue stuff, not the red.
Re: How do you do this...? (Schrick GTX)

So when the injectors are out, I'm stuck staring into that hole where I pulled them from!

How do you get in there to replace the insert? So the outer rims are the "brass seats" & you say they can be removed?
Probably just me but I didn't see anything in the Bentley about these brass seats.
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Re: How do you do this...? (dubwerkz)

Yea they do come out with a 13mm allen wrench. The injector holder/seat/brassthing holds the plastic shrould in the manifold.
Re: How do you do this...? (pastpargolf)

When taking them out the upper inserts won't break will they?
Re: How do you do this...? (dubwerkz)

nope, it will take a lot to get them to break loose anyway...
Re: How do you do this...? (dubwerkz)

You can also use a ½” Allen wrench.
I bought mine at Sears. Clamp some channel lock pliers or vice grips on the short end and back them out.
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