After its record-setting 0-249-0 mph run, Bugatti revealed that it had filmed the run using another Chiron driven by F1 ace, Juan-Pablo Montoya. But the Chiron isn’t really a camera car.

Having seen a Russian arm once or twice, we can confirm that the Chiron, though many things, is not what Hollywood producers would deem production-worthy. So how did they do it? This video reveals all.

Effectively, the team just stole the camera from a drone and stuck it onto the back of a white Chiron. Then it was up to Montoya to accelerate exactly as quickly as the chase car to stay a few feet ahead.

The results were, apparently, so steady that Bugatti felt the need to add shakes and bumps to convey the sensation of speed. If you look closely, though, you can see that the car is ever so slightly out of focus. That’s not because of the camera crew, that’s because of the hot exhaust gasses coming form below the camera.