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How do you remove the door handle (interior)?

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Hey guys...was wondering - how do you get the door handle off ??? I saw the Cabrio Chrome door handles on Potterman's site and thought that would be a nice easy mod to do for my Golf to replace the black ones. Do you just pop 'em off or something?
Edit here is what they look like:

[Modified by Red Baron Golf, 9:56 AM 11-30-2001]
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Re: How do you remove the door handle (mayASwellBstock)

the worst part of removing the door panel is snapping the door pull cover off without totally screwing it up... there are two screws under there that hold the door panel to the door frame. good luck!
Re: How do you remove the door handle (digit21)

Weird...I think I remember reading in my Haynes that the handle can be removed without taking the panel off...not sure though. I'll have to read up on it tonight - I think those chome handles would look sweet in my black interior and match my Mk4 shifter nicely.
Re: How do you remove the door handle (Red Baron Golf)

You need to remove the entire door panel. Trust me. Been there, done that. You will need to pry off the door handle pull in order to get at two screws needed to be removed to get the door panel off.
Once all that is done, you pop/pry/push the old door handles off, disconnect the linkage, and put the new ones on.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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