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How hard is it to take OUT my FRONT sway bar?

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as the topic says....i want to take out my front sway bar because i liek the way my car handled BEFORE I put it in. Its a stock sway bar from a Gli. My golf didnt come with it or didnt have it when i put in my bilstein sports w/ h&r race springs and she seemed to handle so much better without it. I dont have a rear one. THe car feels like it under steers a lot. Am i crazy for taking it out? it just felt so much more nimble before when i DIDNT have it. I want to just get strut bars...what do u guys think? and how do i take it out..i know i have to unbolt it and such, but do i have to drop the Kframe a bit and such??
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Re: How hard is it to take OUT my FRONT sway bar? (MyBlackGti)

I put mine in upsidedown once and didnt want to drop everything, so I figured out a way to do it without dropping everything. You need an engine hoist though- of course you would need one anyways.
Heres how:
Attach the chain and give it some good tension with the hoist in the normal spots. Then you can just unbolt all the bolts that connect the rear subframe to the car the unibody frame. Now, with the flex in the engine mounts, you should be able to pull down on the rearmost section of the subframe enough to be able to pull the bar out.
Here, at the bottom of the page, Shine talks about disconnecting the front swaybar. But of course, this is with a shine setup which has a rear bar. http://www.srsvw.com/page5.htm
So you arent totally crazy.
Re: How hard is it to take OUT my FRONT sway bar? (A2RicedGTI)

No no no no no... Do not take out all of the bolts! The instructions from my Neuspeed bar worked like a charm. I did this about 3 weeks ago. Put the front of the car on jack stands, remove the rear subframe bolts and loosen the front two no more than two turns!!! You won't need an engine hoist. Just be careful you don't crossthread the subframe bolts putting them back in. Good Luck! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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