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I have a 92 GL Jetta. Nice car, but the Automatic Transmission is really not my stile. I was hoping someone else might have changed their Auto Trany for a 5 Speed before. I could do with any hints, tips and ideas.
Is it possible? Is it work the Hassle and more so How much pain and Dollars do you thing it would set me back?

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Re: How hard to Change Automatic Transmission to 5 Speed on 92 GL Jetta (grantvisser)

I suffer from the same problem, but mine is an "89. First off, do a search on the forums for transmissions swaps, 5 speed etc, any variation of the copncept you can think of typing in.
The gist is that at least you need:
a new pedal cluster
a Transmission
the Shifter assembly
I have read that this is not imposible, but it is significant since you may need to remove the dash to swap the pedals and you will be gutting the heart of your drivetrain. Be prepred to replace any items that me be wearing out like seals and motor mounts since they will be within easy reach. Make sure that the transmission is in good shape too With a new clutch and all.
Also if you have the idea, time and parts for any engine upgrades/swaps this is the time to do it since your car will be in pieces.
It will be significantly less expensive if you do this your self. and easier if you can get all the parts you need from a donor car so you can see how the parts are supposed to be uinstalled. But dont tackle this if you dont feel up to it. Better to spend the money having a shop do it then wind up with a car only good for parting out

Best of luck!
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