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how hard to install new attena?

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Does anybody know whats involved to changing the attenna on at 92 cabby. Mine has gone bad and i need to put in a new one. I'm pretty good with tools and instructions. Just wondering if anyone has done this and know all the problems that I might run into.
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Re: how hard to install new attena? (cclarke693)

Time for a Fuba

And yes, it's extremely hard. If you have any sort of bond with your bunny that is. otherwise it's just drilling a hole in your roof

But I think you need to like, remove the fender to get the stock antenna out. It's pretty big and I mucked things up removing my old one, but I didn't care since I was getting the hole filled again anyway because it was (see top)
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Re: how hard to install new attena? (Speedemon)

Sean, there is no roof on a Cabby.
It is very easy. The hardest part will be taking out your deck to unplug the antenna. And yes you can have a Fuba on a Cabby, I do.

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Re: how hard to install new attena? (vwnut82)

pull the wheel well plastic insert. you may need to remove the fender flare first.
this will allow you access to the bottom of the antenna
Re: how hard to install new attena? (Big CADDY)

quote:[HR][/HR]Sean, there is no roof on a Cabby. [HR][/HR]​

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Re: how hard to install new attena? (Speedemon)

its not hard i bought a replacement kit from auto zone made to fit in a 3/4 hole or drop into a 1" hole( cabby has a 3/4 hole). remove the old antenna mast, but save it cause you will need it. on the inside of the engine bay just above the strut tower,just below the antenna, is a rubber grommet w/ a wire running through it, this is your antenna wire. cut the wire between where it enters the engine bay and where it passes through the firewall into the passenger compartment. leave the wire there. loosen the collar at the antenna mount with an adjustable wrench and push it down so it falls down behind the fender, you will have to push the fender side of the wire where you cut it through the grommet so the whole mount will fall. reach up under the fender where it meets the bottom of your door and feel around for the antenna mount( if you have a clipper kit you should just be able to get 2 or 3 fingers up there to grab it and remove it) Use your old antenna mast as a fish tape and insert it into the antenna hole and down behind the fender to the place where the old mount came out. you should have about two inches sticking out the top and two inches sticking out the bottom.thread the old mast to the new mount lightly and you'll be able to pull it up into place without removing the fender. tighten the threaded collar over the rubber gasket and adjust several times to make it fit snuggly. The last time i did this the new antenna pointed straight up and down but since the fender slopes forward the antenna actually pointed forward even though i used a mount gasket that pointed the antenna back 25 degrees. you can bend the fender a little by pushing backwards on the mount with the old mast attached. once the mount is tight remove the old mast and stick it through the grommet in the engine bay back to the bottom of the fender so you can fish the wire up through the grommet, i used 2 twist ties( the kind left over from a pack of garbage bags) to tie the wire to the mast and pull it up to the engine bay. remove the radio and find the old antenna wire tie your new wire to the end of the old wire and pull . I hope i expained it enough.
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Re: how hard to install new attena? (cclarke693)

A guy down in Bend had an outrageous show convertible. He put the Fuba on the trunk lid pointing up.
It was different at least.
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