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how I fixed all my engine problems

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I have been having a lot of performance issues, like whenever I had to accelerate I felt like it was such a task for the car to do, I had to push it so hard to do anything, and the idle was always erratic at times, normal at others.
then my oil filter seal blew, it was way too loose and finally gave way to the pressure.
So having that fully replaced, I bought some engine foamy cleanser and went to work...
ever since then this car has been pulling like crazy- I always figured timing was off or something, I guess the electrical stuff was getting bogged down with years of dirt/gunk and oil. I can't believe how fun this car is to drive now. I was almost ready to throw in the towel! I guess I just have to watch my leaky distributer right now, and just keep an eye on my oil pump (didn't seem to blow off rpessure at proper times), but since they are $150, ill sit tight until something else happens.
its amazing what washing the engine will do!!
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Re: how I fixed all my engine problems (bpfoley)

Maybe you removed a lot of extra weight
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Re: how I fixed all my engine problems (bpfoley)

you just got engine cleaner or electric connector cleaner?
I have the same with idle problems. fine sometimes and erratic others. it's pissing me off. so i got carb cleaner to look for vacuum leaks. Does brand matter I got the cheapest. I also got electric connector cleaner by GUNK. and I tinted 1/2 of my taillights which look like crap when the lights are on. but in the day they like sweet.
I'm gonna get some engine cleaner if that worked for you!
what kind did you use?
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Re: how I fixed all my engine problems (eastcoastdubs)

GUNK foamy engine cleaner...watch out this stuff will eat through paint (I made sure not to get it on my VW DOHC 16V paint, as well as engine bay walls), and I just liberally applied it throughout the engine bay let it sit for 15min, then rinse and repeat. I also bought some electrical contact grease stuff, tore all my connectors (that I could see) and applied it, also to the engine grounds. I also (as usual) popped open the dizzy and sprayed some electrical contact cleaner after wiping the oily residue otta there- some day I'll replace that seal.
and boom! its like a born again 16V.
I also threw in some mystery oil for the hell of it, saw it on the self while getting the other thought why not- says it helps hydraulic lifters.
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