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Hi guys,

I had my car sitting in my garage more than 2 years and I jump started car and turned on but but car was shaking and turning off, so my friend was a mechanic and he diagnosed it and told me that it was throttle issue, so I had an old elm327 v1.5 bluetooth obd2 adapter and after searching I came upon this application on google play "OBD2 tools for Volkswagen" which claims to do throttle adaptation and reset but still I managed to take a risk and try it on my AUDI ;) and I hooked up obd2 adapter and turned ignition on pressed on clear codes and then reset throttle adaptation and then adaptation process , after process was done I turned on car and was running so smoothly. I just wanted to share this application with you guys maybe it might help you save you from paying soo much in order to fix a small issue.

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