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How many CA people want a smog legal Turbo kit

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Okay California people here is a chance to let a performance company know what you want. Jeremy at Matrix said it cost about $4000-5000 to get a C.A. R. B. exemption for a turbo system and that's why they haven't done it, but if there was enough interest. So lets all be honest with our answers and see if there is enough interest for them to justify the additional cost. Maybe we can even get a group buy together if the interest warrants it. They seem to be reasonably priced at $2200-2300 for the stage 1 kit. If you need further info on the kit look at this thread.http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=125143
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Re: How many CA people want a smog legal Turbo kit (coolvdub)

I would consider the stage II kit. So, Jeremy, you have two sales that would cover the cost of the CARB exemption. How about it?
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