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How many is "a few" ???

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Does anybody know how many 98 Silver VR6 GTIs are around??? I know they are rare, but how rare? As rare as a 5 legged mule walking in a pool of Jello?
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Re: How many is "a few" ??? (IGOFST)

anybody got a ball park????.....
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Re: How many is "a few" ??? (IGOFST)

I have no idea of how frequently you see them in Georgia, but where I'm at (New York), they're pretty rare. I see plenty of GTi VR6's, but most are black or yellow, as far as A3's are concerned. If I had to give a ballpark figure, I'd say silver VR6's are about 5%.
Re: How many is "a few" ??? (iamdoingthat)

They are quite rare. I dont think they came from the factory in silver till 1998 and of course they switched to the MKIV's in 1999.5.
Of course there are those people who have repainted their earlier MKIII's to be silver.
Re: How many is "a few" ??? (Verruckt)

yeah, they are quite rare in Ga. too. i've never seen another silver 6. only a 4. that's why i was wondering if anybody had a production number.
thanks anyway!
Re: How many is "a few" ??? (IGOFST)

Only one in my little town, driven by a girl
Not sure on the numbers
Re: How many is "a few" ??? (LostBoyScout)

104.246 total production. The fraction represents the misc silver body panels on the Harlequins

(j/k. I honestly have no idea, but there's not many out there. Only silver A3 I know of is a '93 Jett (with the rare BLACK dash) in a junkyard nearby
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