A lot. In short. But think of all the joy it would bring me. Sadly, the US configurator hasn’t gone live yet, so the exact price of your particular RS6 might vary, but this one is just shy of 100,000 GBP.

Given the price, the options list isn’t especially extensive, but there’s enough to dig your teeth into.

Unsurprisingly, the RS6 Avant looks pretty good in any of the colors offered. Be it red, blue, black, or somewhere on the grey-silver-white spectrum.
Unfortunately, although Audi UK will allow you to buy it any color you like, its website will only allow you to see it in the pre-approved colors. That’s likely because of the 360 cam that allows you to see this gorgeous creature from just about any angle.

You can also select from three interior colors—brown, black, and a slightly darker black.

So do we have a deal? You can all Venmo me the money later. I’ll even wait for the American one to be ready to make it cheaper. K, thanks!