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how much for a 63 baja

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yesterday i was on some backroads going to Milwaukee, WI. behind a lilo house there was a primered baja beetle sitting. I pulled over and knocked on the door, a nice old man came out. He sayd he wanted 500 dollars for it. I'm thinking it's much, since it has no engine, cracked windshield, funky brown shag house carpet, hole @ the pan under the battery. But it has all four fiberglass baja fenders and hood, body lift, solid body. I also have another engine waiting to be put in use at home. I'm jes woundering, how much would you guys pay for it, with the info i gave you guys.
Peter Sayarath
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Re: how much for a 63 baja (i am okay)

as long as all the fiberglass is in good shape 500 doesn't really sound that bad, a new baja kit+body lift kit could easily cost that, the hole under the battery is pretty standard these days among all bugs, lots of places sell the part of the pan that goes there seperatly.
Re: how much for a 63 baja (Thumposaurus)

I agree. A solid body and complete baja kit would come to my house for $500.
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