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89 jetta coupe,
Engine: 16v 2.0 swap.
Mileage: 315,000 KM on the body, 160,000 app on the engine.
New stuff/mods:
New alternator, battery, has cat-back, gonna be putting a borla or an apex muffler on it in the next few weeks. Pulls strong.
Body is perfect except for two rust spots, one smaller than a quarter around a rear window (just looks like bubbly paint) and an even smaller spot on the hood (looks like a nail under paint). Other than that, paint is in great shape, only about 2 years old. Big bumpers, lowered w/ spax suspension (not sure what it is, it was done before I got the car).
American Eagle Alloy 15x8 rims, which you wouldn't like, but could probably pawn'em off to a honda kid for 400-500 w/ rubber as well as a set of rims that are stock on something VW, but I don't recall what.

Oh, and a K&N air filter.
What would you expect to pay for this?
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