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Re: How much is too much for repairs & maintenance? (rustboy)

since march/2001, proabably a few oil changes i didn't list.
-$30 smoked front side markers
-$5 oil
-$80 windshield wiper relay
-$384 belt tentioner
-$83 oil adapter o-rings
-$502 magnaflow exhaust
-$35 transmisson fluid change 87780km
-$71 transmission fluid
-$83 wheel mounting, alignment 11/30/2001
-$220 Cam/chip install Dec/2002
-$35 Coolant flush/fill 1/12/2002
-$950 H&R Cup Kit
-$58 wheel alignment 3/8/2002
-$31 thermostat 4/4/2002
-$50 fan control module 4/4/2002

edit: canadian prices.
transmissio nfluid prices are high cuase i tried hte redline poop and it made my 3rd gear grind, so i had to go to the vw synthetic stuff and it costs an arm and a leg. now i get good @cost prices for dealer parts and found a guy who does repairs for $35/can per hour

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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