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Re: How much is too much for repairs & maintenance? (fikusaa)

hmmm, How much is too much, I guess it comes down to this:
How much do you love you VW? I love my car and there is no such thing as too much, but whatever you do please don’t jump ship to a Ford or Chevy pickup truck!
Its true...it's also reasons like this why I dont include prices in my listing of work done to the car...
milage/date/what was done/who did it
I set aside a small amount of money every week....that goes towards Gas, Maintance, and any other misc stuff I want to do...
Currently, due to a few issues (New brakes, Tires, Bumper, Paint) , I'm in the hole a few hundred to myself...though, once everything is smooth again, I will establish a diecent amount of spare fundage, which I can spend freely with again.
edit - #9 on your list...what made that so expensive...my O2 sensor was $79 from germanautoparts.com spent about an hour removing the old one, soldering the new one in place, and installing it....

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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