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How much mileage on the reserve?

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Just curious, as I filled my 55L tank with 54.5 liters of fuel today. (phewww!)
How much more mileage could I have done? How much mileage from the time the warning light comes on? Anyone knows or tried it? Thanks!
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Re: How much mileage on the reserve? (TRBO-GTI)

Don't rely on the warning light!! Accordin gto the manual, you should have 12 litres left when the light goes on.
I've pushed my car twice to the gas station, both times within 5 minutes of the light going on. Its no fun...
Best to fill 'er when you get to a 1/4 tank.
Re: How much mileage on the reserve? (Macanudo Pete)

I've done about 20 miles or so after the light went on.....luckily, I made it to a gas station to fill up. I was traveling through the NJ pinelands......nothing in sight for miles and miles....except trees....trees....and more trees. I was sweatin' bullets.
I was on flat surface (accurate read) and traveling about 55-60ish or so.....
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