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As a forewarning, I'm 18, working as an automotive detailer, and I bought my A8L through my dealership at a fraction of what it's worth. It currently has 107k miles, it's a 2013 with the 4.0LTT V8, and I have moderate experience working on cars.

So now that I have all the D-canoes out of the thread, I need some advice. I'm wanting a little more out of my car just because I'm used to higher power numbers. It's mostly the weight of the car that ruins the experience, and I feel as though some more power would help with that. All maintenance is up to date, recalls taken care of, and all (seems) to be well.

I have a few options: Unitronic Stage 1+ offers me 79+HP and 129+Lb-Ft at $1400 over stock (420HP, 444LB-FT{?}) with no special add-ons. EurochargedOrlando offers me 540HP and 590Lb-Ft for $999, with additional add-ons, such as P/B's, Launch Control (I believe) and anything else I can think of at no additional charge. My only concern is the stability of the motor and what it can handle.

Has anyone tuned their A8L, and wanting to share how it turned out for them? Numbers, issues, etc? Thanks in advance!
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