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Re: how much $$$ would it take to get a 1.8t into the 13s? (killerpony)

That depends on what area of 13's. I'm not one to lecture on this subject but it seems to me that with a 3" downpipe, chip, exhaust and skill people have been reaching 13.8-13.9. These mods will run you anywhere from $1000 to $1600. Keep in mind that the people with these cars know how to drag race. This has become a elite group of few people with this times. If you want mid 13's, most likely a larger turbo is needed and the aformentioned components and possible better tires. A new turbo will run you anywhere from $700 for a good used one to a little over 1g. So combined this will run you from $2100 to $3200. Low 13's are expensive
It would probably be easier to buy a kit rather then make your own. Companies that produce such kits, http://www.goapr.com http://www.awe-tuning.com http://www.greddy.com http://www.pestuning.com http://www.vwturbo.com and im sure many others that im forgetting. Prices vary quite a bit. They can be anywhere form $2500 to $4000. For about $5000 you will have a fast, reliable Volkswagen.
Please guys, add and correct.
Hope this helps and is mostly correct

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