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Re: how much $$$ would it take to get a 1.8t into the 13s? (1gti2nv)

I use the Nitto 555R drag radials in a 205/45 - 15 size.
I launch somewhat different then other people I have heard talk about launching...
I rev the car to about 2 grand at the start line, but between the first and second lights, I blip the throttle up to about 4K and take my foot completely off of the gas, letting the engine idle down. When the 3rd light flashes, I release the clutch and floor the gas in a smooth motion... the engine is still spinning down from the short throttle blip I did just half a second prior... I use the momentum of the engine to get the car rolling, then the engine starts to come alive again and pulls from there. I have had pretty good luck with this as I get very little wheel spin and consistent 2.0 60 ft times.
Good luck!
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