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just putting in my two cents,
I have a 1.8 JH block (it is now closer to a 2.1)
I put a in 2l crank knife edged and balanced with 144mm rods and custom pistons with a 83mm bore, BTW you have to grind down the intermediate shaft gear that drives the distributor or the crank hits it
It also has a ported and matched intake and exhaust with over sized valves,
ported and matched intake manifold to the head and to a Audi 5000 TB
G-grind Cam shaft

Rayjay Turbo good for abut 5psi or so.

My butt Dyno says that it is a fun car to drive and has plenty of torque!
One day Ill get around to putting it on a real dyno...
In all reality this build would be luck to make 120hp before the turbo.

I think all of the machine work was a little over 1k, and the internal parts were a little less. The crank was a free-bee.


I hope that helps! :thumbup:

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Good evening
So I've built a 8 v NA motor
My spec is 2.0 Tdi crank made to 2.2 stroker or 2.195
2.0 conrods ,agg block block bored to 84.5mm Honda pistons arp bolts and hasting rings
head has been ported ,gas flowed ,spital valves ,kjet tronic head ( old GTI head)
RXi 20v throttle bodies
304 billet esta cam ,solid lift
I'm running on full ethanol with shortened gear box ratio 3 and 4th gear
63 mm 3/4 3xhast with 43 mm 4:1 branch
but only doing 15.4 on a 1/4 mile
121kw with 243nm
I'm sure I can get more out of this 8v ??

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The problem is what you started with. Sounds like you got a lot of money in this but you never sat down and thought about the head restriction before you started. An 8v does not flow well. It does for a stock engine, but the head you have was never designed to go on a 2.2l engine.

They way I see it, I would have designed it to be a low torque engine. Remove all the high flow stuff [it does no good because of the restrictive head], put in a nice mid-range cam, and the stock larger throttle body. Port a stock intake manifold and you will be surprised the amount of power you will have.

Your engine was not designed right and was doomed for failure from the beginning.
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