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Re: How to change New Beatle Headlight Bulb????? (Verruckt)

Flip up cheap metal snap at rear. Then push in slightly on gridded plastic rectangle adjacent to small plastic handle, while moving handle up towards top of light. The whole light is a big cam. With the plastic lever at the top position, wiggle the light out.
Detach the wiring harness at the side, or practice juggling a $200 light. Unclip rear bulb cover, hinged at back. Remove short wire to back of bulb. Curse VW for cheap wiring, see Service Bulletin, lift silver clip holding bulb in place, switch bulbs without touching new bulb glass.
Using lithium, or your favorite grease, lube the two tracks in the car body that the two nubs on the light cam into. Lube the nubs. Lube the strap/slide assembly that has the lever. Reattach rear bulb cover and harness. Turn on headlights to see if fixed.
Carefully fit light's slides into slots in car, take your time. Turn lever back to base of lamp. Light should have cammed back flush with the body. Reattaach cheap metal clip.
Purchase Bentley manual.
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