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any professionals or experts can help me out would be great!
1. possible to install xenon kits in stock halogen lamps?
i've done on a mazda3 before with videos and guides, but found
nothing for 2006 jettas. So any information and guides would
be helpful!
2. recommend to get aftermarket projector lamps and install xenon?
i heard it was more legal and produces less glare for oncoming drivers.

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Re: How to DIY aftermarket xenon kits? (kuro-chan)

You will definetely want to go with option 2. DO NOT put xenons in reflector lenses - it will be awful. Your best bet is to retro fit a set into your headlights. It requires you to buy a second set of headlights to work on, projector bases, bulbs, ignitors and a relay circuit. Not easy to do but sooooo worth the effort.
Just my 2cents worth.
BTW - S2000 are the best projectors out there - but plan on paying $400 just for the bases....
If you are interested - I have an extra set of E46 projectors with bulbs and ignitors - including angel eyes. You can have the whole set for $350. Everything you need to make a set of true HID's for your car - except the headlights. LMK.

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Re: How to DIY aftermarket xenon kits? (kbee00)

if you went with option one the great problem that isn't well understood is that:
HALOGEN bulbs have a filament that is oriented TRANSVERSELY,
while HID bulbs have a filament that is oriented LONGITUDINALLY
hence the reflector not working properly. I figured engine orientation was the best way to make an analogy here...
Option #2 FTW http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif Good luck!
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