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have a 2.0 L 2004 New Beetle.
Only got about 25,000 miles out of a pair of tires and was told by tire dealer that my total toe was out of spec in the rear.
I have been rotating the tires about every 8,000 miles.
The tire tread was chopped - meaning every other tread in the pattern seemed to be lower than the adjacent tread in the pattern.
Here are the total toe for the rear from the alignment reports I have kept for the car:
2/26/2008: .61 degrees
2/2/07: .56 degrees
10/22/06: .58 degrees
The specified range is: .17 to .50 degrees
So the car has had total toe slightly out of spec for some time.
I do have it aligned every rotation because I have the 1 year rotation plan from Tire Kingdom.
So, the tire dealer is stating my tire problems stem from the total toe in the rear being out of specs. They said I would have to see a dealer or take it to a body shop for correction.
I spoke to the dealer and they said it would be $1,500 roughly to change the rear solid axle.
I checked with an online supplier and can get a solid axle for about $53.00.
The last report showed the toe on the rear left to be .14 degrees and the rear right to be .47 degrees. The specification is -.17 to .50 degrees on an individual tire.
Could the the total toe being .11 degrees out of spec in the rear be the cause of my chopped tires?
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