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how to free a stubborn slip joint?

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It is time to change the original muffler on a '82 rocco.
Only problem is I can't disconnect the muffler pipe from the
midsection pipe at the slip joint. I got the clamp out but two pipes are still solidly connected.
With only the rear end jack-uped, I don't have much space access from below.
Tried WD40, heated up with a torch but didn't work.
Anyone know how to free up a 190kM joint?
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Re: how to free a stubborn slip joint? (lam)

Cut around it. If the part you want to keep "owns" the slip part of the joint, use a cold chisel to open the joint a bit and rotate the part you wish to remove bac and forth. Bang on it with a healthy hammer. I have generally found (this is experience here) that if one part of the exhaust is going its time to replace it all. I would get all the parts together and replace it all by cutting it into convenient pieces. Its not that much more expensive and if you are under to do one you may as well do them all.
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