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how to mount amps in the hatch (Mk4)

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I want to mount my amps onto a piece of plexiglass and then mount that to the floor of my hatch and then put a false floor over it.
Everybody is telling me to drill holes into the floor and bolt it that way. Is there any other way besides drilling? I would imagine that hte sheet metal is very thin and that drilling would void the rust perforation warranty?
Is it possible to glue a few pieces of wood or plastic to the metal and then drill into those to secure the board that is holding the amps?
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Re: how to mount amps in the hatch (zilla)

Well if you are really set on not drilling. Jjust silicone some pieces of wood to the sheet metal then, screw your plexi-glass into the wood.
But, you could just as well drill through the sheet metal, bolt it down, and then silicone around the bolt (if you are worried about leaks).
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