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how to pack up wheels for shipping? and how much??

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I'm selling my montreal I in the classifieds and i'm wondering if anyone has a good way of shipping them. Also, does anyone know about how much it would cost?
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Re: how to pack up wheels for shipping? and how much?? (albuht)

I just shipped a pair of rims cross state to someone via Fedex Ground. Each rim and tire was 33Lbs and it cost me $19.XX. It all depends on weight and how far you are shipping though. As far as packaging them, the tires were mounted already so I just cut out 2 large cardboard circles per rim and sandwich'd (sp?) the rim between them. Use some packing tape around the whole deal and voila! The Fedex people were really cool about it too. Put's UPS to shame.
Re: how to pack up wheels for shipping? and how much?? (albuht)

i shipped some old rims a year or so ago. i went as far as putting them each in a big box. 1 wheel/tire mounted per box. i think it cost me like 70$. i like itr's way better. thats how tire rack does it i think
Re: how to pack up wheels for shipping? and how much?? (swmacneil)

Tire rack puts cardboard on each side --> sandwish technique
I did the same thing sending my rims to NY
Re: how to pack up wheels for shipping? and how much?? (albuht)

I have shipped 4 sets of rims.....
here goes..if they have the tires on there then put some bubble wrap or similar cushion cut in a circle or square and put on the face and back of the rim. Then add 2 pieces of cardboard per side cut in cirles octogon or whatever. Then use heavy duty packing tape or plastic bander machine to sandwich the wheel between the cardboard. the bubble wrap or foam is so the rim doesn't get scratched up and the 2 layers of cardboard is for when the first layer gets punctured from poor handling.
I have even wrapped the whole thing in shrinkwrap but that is not necessary.
When I buy wheels from OZ they come in a cardboard box with a specially designed styrofoam circle to hold the lip and they put in a layer of foam or you can use bubble wrap or paper or something....then they put two of the wheel boxes in a larger box and tape it up.
If it is rim only, then you need to put in it a box and surround it with bubble wrap at the least....
as for cost...go ups ground depending on weight and distance the price varies wildly.
go to the ups website and enter in the weight and dimensions and zip codes and it will give you a shipping estimate......don't forget to insure them for replacement value. Get tracking numbers for each wheel or each box so that you can keep track of all items.

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