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Just wanted to say a couple of things, the first of which was thank you OP for this thread. I just switched over to a GLI with DSG after owning nothing but regular manual transmission cars for all of my 23 years of driving experience. Just reading this thread has already helped me figure this thing out.

Also wanted to say I am definately learning the DSG is not like a traditional manual or a traditional automatic, and is its own beast.
I really do wish the DSG would get the RPMs out of the basement and drive normally. The engine is always under 2,000 rpms, which I never really was when driving regular manual transmission cars. Then of course Sport is useless for DD and should just be called "track" or "crazy, can't use ever, high rpm lunatic" mode. Why VW could't throw in a middle ground or just simply set the regular D setting to be decent is beyond me.

I'm finding that having to give it gas to downshift instead of lifting is oddly hard coming from previous practices. I had my first "DSG WTF" moment yesterday after only having the car since last Thursday. Switched to manual mode while getting on the highway to try things out a little. Pulled the paddle for a change down one gear, which went fine, then went into the on-ramp, where I then when to accelerate and pulled the paddle again for another downshift and........nothing. Then all of a sudden, a very harsh/poor downshift to what I think was 2nd, the engine raced and the situation scared the crap out of me. I forgot I had slid the shifter into manual mode, so I waiting for the transmission to shift up, but of course it didn't. I ended up accidentally letting the rpms get to like 6,200 before I let off the gas to end things and it finally shift up. I felt like I had not driven a car before......

This is going to take more getting used to than I had expected. Not sure what I think about the DSG so far. Coming from only driving regluar manuals, I don't feel like I can get the gear I want, when I want it, which was what I was expecting from the DSG. I wouldn't even mind it taking a little time to shift, but the changes are far less smooth than I was with a regular manual, which is disappointing.

I came from nothing but standard cars and after 2 years... I still dont get this tranny. Its just poorly programmed. I drive around in manual mode if Im doing anything but puttering about because it is always... ALWAYS in the wrong gear. Sport is a joke. Useless. drive demands that you drive to save fuel and then will randomly rev to 4000rpm at a quarter throttle. The most annoying thing to me is the pause while taking off and the hesitation before coming to a stop. Id love to get a dsg tune but the thought of killing the warrantee on the most expensive thing on the car kills me inside.
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