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I have a 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit, 2.5L with an 09G automatic transmission and 120k miles. I have two general problems and am unsure if they are related: 1) engine check light for 'cylinder 5 misfire detected' (source: AutoZone), and 2) my transmission has gone into emergency running mode, where PNDRS are all lit on the dash, and the car seems to be exclusively running in 3rd gear.

The local mechanic said the engine valve cover is leaking, and suggested replacing the valve cover, all 5 ignition coils, and all 5 spark plugs. They recommended that I go to a transmission shop for the transmission issues, and did give me a list of fault codes:

00768 (P0300) - random/multiple cylinder misfire detected, upper limit reached, intermittent
00773 (P0305) - cylinder 5 misfire detected, upper limit reached, intermittent
05699 (P1643) - check DTC memory of electric load controller, upper limit reached
05668 (P1624) - MIL (malfunction indicator light) request signal active
00266 - solenoid valve 5 (N92), open or short to ground
00453 - function limitation due to over-temperature

I just ordered a valve cover, ignition coils, and spark plugs to change those myself, and will also have the transmission fluid changed. I have had the car for almost one year and will assume the transmission fluid has never been changed. From here, I'm not sure how to proceed best.

Should I expect the valve cover/coils/plugs and fluid change to possibly fix any of the above fault codes? Should I reset the adaptive learning through the TCM, as suggested by Brad in this large thread? Assuming the solenoid fault code 00266 still exists by this point, should I consider asking someone to replace that solenoid for me? Or should I consider replacing the valve body, perhaps with a rebuilt 09G VB from Ream Man? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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