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Hi all.
I have this great idea of reupholstering my interior trim pieces A, B, C, and headliner as a home quarantine project. lol I have checked youtube but no videos show the same adhesive left overs like what i am experiencing. I have attached pictures of the A pillar that I have ripped the fabric off from and it left this adhesive leftover on the trim. I have went over it with a wirebrush but with no success. Any idea on how to remove this stuff? I want to practice on the trim pieces first before doing the headliner. I have bought a used set of A and B pillar trim that is in my car in the meantime for a good price so in case i mess up, i have a backup.

On the C pillar trim, there are these plastic screws that what appears to have been melted since i do live in vegas. Should i just break these and say F it?

and this one is to hold the trunk cover but on one side, it has already broken off, so i guess i dont really care about it.

is there something i can spray on it to loosen up this adhesive or will i need to get a dremel and work at it little by little?
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