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How to remove "oh schit" handles?

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I need to get the panel with the "oh schit" handle on it off, but i don't see where the handle would detach. Anyone done this before and know how it comes off? Thanks.
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Re: How to remove "oh schit" handles? (Keving60)

fold the handle down, use a small flat screwdrivver to carefully pry off the two screw covers, unscrew the two philips screws. Be careful removing the a-pillar trim. Use a flat screwdriver to pry the clips loose or they will break of. They can be reattached with a soldering iron but your are way ahead if you can remove it without breaking them.
Re: How to remove "oh schit" handles? (Keving60)

pull the handle down there are some little plastic covers where it attaches, take those off and then unscrew em. not much to it
Re: How to remove "oh schit" handles? (JediCorrado)

have a passanger, and whip a corner like you wouldnt beleive. they will grab it right off.
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