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How to remove the panels in the rear doors

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Just got my new Passat sedan 1.8T sedan. Drives great, but my sound is not that good as it could be... (I only got the 4 front-speakers factory installed)
So now I want to to put in some extra rear-speakers myself
To do that, I would like to know how to remove the door-panels etc (that is: remove them nicely, so I can still put them back on their place without having to return to my dealer with the broken panel who charges 200 US$ for labour anyway).
As I live in the Netherlands, I can't easely buy at the US online shops who deliver speaker-sets complete with a build-in manual (like crutchfield.com).
Can anyone please tell how-to or send me a manual (preferable with pictures of a disassembled door) on how to remove the panels etc.
Thank you for responding.
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