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How To Remove the .:R32 ECU (five-steps + photos)
Quote, originally posted by gabedibble »
How To Remove the .:R32 ECU in five-steps:
ALBUM : gallery
Step 1a: Battery must be disconnected [Make sure you have your Radio 'CodeCard', if you have this disconnected for too long, you may need to enter the Monsoon unlock-sequence]
Step 1b: Move Negative post using 10mm socket to plastic clip on side

Step 2a: Remove these from each side of the bay
Step 2b: Pull off the rubber seal

Step 3: Pry up the plastic cover to show components behind it

Step 4a: Using your finger tip or a scew driver, carefully pull the tabs on each side of the ECU outward
Step 4b: Once both tabs are fully out, the two connectors will Easily pull off

Step 5: As shown here, slide the ECU forward and then carefully handle it

ALBUM : gallery

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Re: (byemaxima)

it bends up pretty easily and i just prop it up with some small plastic bottles
orig poster that showed removal instruction showed using 2" wide rolls of tape
and one tip - to pull it out, some long cable ties hooped, one over each post you see at the front corner and then the other end of those cable ties wrapped around a wooden dowel or pc of small diameter pipe makes it easier to pull straight out
after bending that tab out of the way, mine really didn't want to come out
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