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how to remove tree sap...

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something i have never had a problem with before, but there are nasty pine trees at school where i park. there is a big clear glob of tree sap on my hood that didnt come off when i washed my car, it is thick but not hardened (yet). what is a good way to remove it without removing the wax (or the paint)??? thanks in advance.
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Re: how to remove tree sap... (mhjett)

There are two ways you can get rid of tree sap;
one, would be to get bug and tar remover which comes in a spray can. After several applications you should be able to get rid of the sap.
two, if it's a stubborn substance then you'll have to go with a clay bar kit, I recommend getting the Mother's kit at your local auto parts store. This product has been great for me. Hope this helps.
Re: how to remove tree sap... (mhjett)

Pne tree sap is turpene, that is the base of turpentine.
Use turpentine, soak a rag, lay on the sap, let it soften and then will wipe off, then wash with carwash shampoo, and rewax.
Just be sure and check once it is removed, that it did not a attack and damage the clearcoat.
For this, to really know , you need a Radio Shack 30X lighted magnifer.
To use this go to http://www.autoint.com and look for the subject under the Tech Tips Section.

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Re: how to remove tree sap... (mhjett)

thanks again
i used rubbing alcohol and it came right up (along with the wax)
i then washed the area and rewaxed it. worked great
and i have no clear coat, as tornado red was a non-clear coat color.
Re: how to remove tree sap... (mhjett)

no, no, no, if it is a small spot the has the sap, grab some rain X on a rag, wrap it around your index finger, and in a circle motion rub on the sap...it comes off like dirt....dont apply to much preasure....
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Re: how to remove tree sap... (mhjett)

yes, Rain-X does wonders for removing tree sap!
Re: how to remove tree sap... (Ken1.8T)

clay works wonders on tree sap and other contaminants. Clean the car well before use so you can reuse it a few more times.
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Re: how to remove tree sap... (vwtoys)

the rain-x contains alcohol.
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