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How will a SC and a Shrisck VSR work together?

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How will this then work with a Supercharger, a friend of mine on another forum said it wouldnt work to good, something about bigger fuel injectors not fitting, and the variable air valve works crap with a SC.
Anyone know more?

!!Achtung rarity!!!
Switching suction tube (VSR) for the "old" VR6 engine:
This switching suction tube gave it only very short time in the USA. It is the advancement all-side well-known VOLKSWAGEN engine haven VR6 VSR and in very similar form in the gulf V6 and R32 is used at present.
The special at this switching suction tube is: It fits on the cylinder head of the old 12Ventil VRs!
By the large engine cover the engine looks clearly more newly and naturally also special than a normal VR6 engine.
This switching suction tube is still rarer than desired VOLKSWAGEN engine haven VSR!!!
Furthermore the suction tube offered here has the advantage that one in the inserted condition the spark plugs change can, goes with Schrick not; there the suction tube must off...
To the installation:
In principle the installation is possible into all VR6 engines, all the same which year of construction. With the newer engines with electronic butterfly valve and 3Bar gasoline pressure control valve is somewhat simpler the installation.
To the increased output:
The variable suction tube ensures for the fact that the engine has already in the lower numbers of revolutions clearly more torques. With switching suction tube the engine pulls with 3000UpM already as well as series only with 4000UpM...
- > gasoline saves and provides for better elasticity values and more driving fun.
In this auction the following parts are contained:
- VSR with negative pressure switching box
- single solenoid valve
- vacuum timing control
- injecting border with 3Bar gasoline pressure control valve
- sucking in bridge lower part with e-nozzles
- special valve cover
- some hoses for air and negative pressure
- syphon
- mounting plates
- El. Butterfly valve and aluminum ring for adaptation on other butterfly valves.
- Schrick controller for the control of the single solenoid valve and reduction of the engine speed
- VOLKSWAGEN engine haven VSR fitting instruction
- with it the engine cover is unfortunately not complete. Here unfortunately only the part with the VOLKSWAGEN indication participates, settles however the part number of the complete cover, can one in each VOLKSWAGEN-VAG shop orders.

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Re: How will a SC and a Shrisck VSR work together? (Skee^)

Worked fine when i had one.
Some say to take the flapper valve out and run it wide open all the time.

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