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Hi all,

This topic is meant as a guide for everyone that want to mess around with VCDS and the Beetle... at the moment, it's not as supported as the MKV Golf/Rabbit/GTI, but who know's what the future will bring. I will gather all knowledge I have in this first post, and update whenever I find something new. Mods can make this a sticky, if they want to.

Feel free to share your own experiences, and I will update this post with your useful stuff.


The following are all tested to work with the Beetle 5C. Some things might or might not work, depending on your specific model and option packages. I'm not sure if changing stuff will void your warranty, so let me just warn you: be careful, I'm not responsible for any damage, nor is vwvortex :D.

Blue = undocumented feature!

No specific things to be coded at the moment.

03-ABS Brakes

  • Channel 9: Brake assist (brakes get more sensitive.. 0 = default, 1 = medium, 2 = strong)
  • Channel 36: XDS (Electronic Differential Lock)
  • Channel 58 : Hill Hold Assist (setting the moment of engaging)

09-Cent. Elect.

  • Coming home on/off (when you leave the car with the headlight on, the car will trun off the headlight after the time you set.)
  • Leaving home on/off (when you unlock the door the headlights will turn on for the time you set)
  • Audible confirmation of alarm on/off
  • Auto lock on/off
  • Auto unlock on/off
  • Selective door lockin on/off (


  • Byte 3.0: Comfort opening sunroof on/off
  • Byte 3.1: Comfort closing sunroof on/off
  • Byte 3.2: Comfort function sunroof on/off
  • Byte 3.3: Comfort function windows through door lock on/off
  • Byte 3.4: Comfort function windows through door driver door switch on/off
  • Byte 3.5: Comfort function windows through door remote control on/off
  • Byte 3.7: Comfort function on Comfort function is closing/opening when holding the button/key to close or open the car.
  • Byte 12.0: Parking lights on when the car is turned on, the "Nordic" setting, both front and rear lights are on
  • Byte 12.3: Flash emergency lights/indicators when emergency braking
  • Byte 12.6: Turning lights installed. (a light goes on when blinking 3 times in one direction or steering at a certain angle)
  • Byte 15.0: 1 = Push to talk button on Multi Function Steering wheel. 0 = Mute button on Multi Function Steering wheel.
  • Byte 15.3: Mirror Heating ON while Rear Window Heater ON

    [*]Byte 23.4: DRL off when handbrake is on (undocumented feature!)
    [*]Byte 17.3: Possibility to use the horn when the car is off

09-Cent. Elect. - TSG - 5c5 959 801 E (driver door)

  • Byte 0.2: Inverted Collapse mirror function. Will collapse mirror when any selection, other than "collapse mirror" is selected on the mirror-set-switch. Selecting "collapse mirror" will result in the opening of the mirror.

10-Park/Steer Assist

  • Byte 1.5: Rear view camera installed (needs RNS315/RCD510/RNS510)

Coding: (the language/units will be reset when making any changes to this!)

  • Byte 0.5: Welcome message (not with all country settings!)
  • Byte 0.6: Chime for seatbelt
  • Byte 1.2: Sensor for washing fluid

44-Steering Assist

  • Channel 5: Torque Steer Compensation (This Function prevents the Car from leaning into one Direction while Accelerating in Combination with powerful Engines and unequal Lenghts Drive Shafts.)

37-Navigation (J794) (RNS315) 3C0 035 279 H
Byte 6 value: Changes the car image on your Optical Parking System.

  • 00 = Beetle (I guess this just reverts the module to "default", which was a Beetle with mine)
  • 01= Golf 3 door
  • 02 = Beetle
  • 03 = Beetle Convertible (fun thing: the image was already in the unit before the Beetle Convertible was presented to the world!)
  • 04 = Scirocco
  • 05 = Golf 5 door
  • 06 = Passat
  • 07 = Golf Variant/station
  • 08 = Golf Cabrio
  • 09 = Caddy
  • 0A = Golf Plus
  • 0B = Passat
  • 0C = Passat station
  • 0D = Transporter
  • 0E = Passat CC
  • 0F = Phaeton

B9-Aux. Display
This is the boost/oil temp/stopwatch unit... there are various countdown modes available through adaptation, but I don't know yet how to use these after setting them.

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[*]Byte 12.0: Parking lights on when the car is turned on
[*]Byte 15.0: 1 = Push to talk button on Multi Function Steering wheel. 0 = Mute button on Multi Function Steering wheel.

10-Park/Steer Assist
[*]Byte 1.5: Rear view camera installed

Byte 0.5: Welcome message (only when country setting = Canada, the cars seem to be more friendly there )
About the parking lights, so tail and turn signals lit while running?

On my Golf I could mute the phone using the bottom button on left arm of the steering wheel, it does not seem to function on my Beetle.

It is interesting that it has a setting for RVC!

My Beetle tells me "Welcome to your BEETLE!" and I am in Georgia, I do think it should have a y'all in there somewhere, but it is friendly outside of Canada as well

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So you tried the coding? I have the halogens. On other VAG products the coming home feature only works the fog lights and tail lights. not the headlights.

yes , i tired it on my 12 TB..... on my MKV GTI u can set the coming and leaving home are on the DRL.. so if u DRLs are Fog then coming and leaving home will turn on the Fog light

but on the Bettle it just dont work... maybe i havent tired hard enough

also u can set the Fog stay on with Highbeam on the Beetle

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About the parking lights, so tail and turn signals lit while running?
Not the turn signals, but the parking lights on the front. On Xenon, this will mean the DRL leds are on.
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