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Hp loss to water pump?

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Does anyone know or have an estimate of how many horsepower the water pump steals from the engine in high revs due to paracitic drag?
I mean, if the G-lader takes 17hp, the water pump has got to be using some, too.
Is there any reason power-wise to get an electrical water pump, or is it to much money and too small power gain?
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Re: Hp loss to water pump? (CorradoFANATIC)

somebody read my post in the $4k topic. its not worth it unless you are building the most power hungry motor out there. because if you mess up say good bye to that expensive setup. I'd say 5-6hp
Re: Hp loss to water pump? (G60ING)

5-6 hp?
What are your guesses on AC and PS?
Re: Hp loss to water pump? (OttawaG60)

ac not much when it isn't on ps may be the 6hp
Re: Hp loss to water pump? (CorradoFANATIC)

PS deffinately robs power enough to notice in my winter beater haha
Re: Hp loss to water pump? (CorradoFANATIC)

typically on a 200hp motor (approx) switching to underdrive pulleys will give back 4-10 hp. So it's reasonable to say that you are gaining 2-3 hp per accesory, and that this is at best/worst 50 % of what they take to run. So by this bubble gun scenario your water punp takes 4-6 hp to work..... but it all boils down to the quality of your flux capacitor.

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