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The road been long.. the wait felt even longer, but the results on the street and dyno made it all worth while! HPA's 20th turbo kits are starting to ship and the reviews are coming in!

This program's market release was delayed as we awaited the ill fated BW EFR turbo. 6 months late and completely re-tooled around Garrett's bullet proof GT35RS cartridge, our Hybrid GT35 based turbine retains our proprietary integrated diverter valve, features a new 3" Vband waste gate housing and when married to our new integrated intake manifold, retuned exhaust manifold and radius downpipe, throttle response from this monster turbo kit is simply a game changer!

We are proud to announce that all serialized production has been sold, but due to the popularity
of this all in one package, HPA is extending the signature 20th logo through year end sales

20th Edition Turbo Kit Specifications: MK4-MK5

* Liquid cooled integrated short runner intake manifold
* After cooler package for integrated intake air to water intercooler
* Cast exhaust manifold, with external Oxygen sensors
* Hybrid GT35 Ball Bearing based turbo-w/integrated diverter and waste gate valve
* Stainless Steel Down Pipes (MK4 single 70mm, MK5 dual 55mm)
* Stainless Steel Turbo assembly Heatshield
* Custom wrapped Silicone piping with stainless steel clamps
* Head spacer plate to lower compression * Head gaskets and Head Bolts
* 500ml high flow fuel injectors
* 4.0B return fuel system(MK5 only)
* 920CFM K&N air filter
* Braided Stainless Steel Oil Feed Line
* Oil Return lines
* Performance ECU upgrade

390+ HP (Crank) 390+ftlbs TQ @ 1.1bar / 92us Octane

** DSG stage 3 file required on OEM clutches $9,999 USD

Please visit our Web for full details, dyno graphs and expansion options.


Our contact our sales team 9-5pst Mon-Fri.

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The 88MM Exhaust is to get to about 450HP. As it was explained to me the base kit will get plenty of air into the engine, but then the bottleneck is on the back side of the downpipes and beyond... So if you plan to go up to 500 hp or so, you need to fix this issue. So their solution is to build a "88MM" exhaust to add into the kit. At that point they will also fit a new tune to accommodate the new breathing room.
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