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Disclaimer: I am only providing my feedback to help people decide if they feel they would benefit from what I have installed and tested in my own car.

Double Apex Volkswagen Water Methanol Button:
In an effort to make clean, OEM-styled choices for subtle interior upgrades, I first came across the Double Apex Volkswagen USB Charger which I posted about in the HYDE16 Reviews - Double Apex Volkswagen USB Charger thread. Knowing that their kits include OEM buttons with the necessary wiring, tools and color instruction manual for a quick and flawless installation, I asked if they could create an OEM water methanol power button kit for the chemical injection performance crowd.

The Double Apex Volkswagen Water Methanol Button kit has a momentary button that will toggle a relay on / off (water methanol system will be powered through the relay) and can handle up to 10 amps. This will allow the user to select when the kit should be turned on or off based on driving style, temperature based application, routine maintenance/repairs, or acts as a standard kill switch and is definitely a great option for those that run the non-integrated water methanol kits such as Snow, DevilsOwn, CoolingMist, etc. or for those that want to add a controllable jet somewhere in the intake tract that will be user controlled without disrupting flow sensor failsafes. For my Aquamist HFS-4 setup, my kit turns is powered on and off automatically with the car so this button would not apply to an integrated kit unless you are running an auxiliary pre-turbo injection system like I am (see solenoid in front of battery in photo below). This Double Apex Volkswagen Water Methanol Button kit allows me to select when I want to turn my CoolingMist solenoid on or off to allow my .3mm Aquamist jet to inject pre-turbo water methanol post MAF sensor.

The button is a 100% working OEM button (just like the OEM traction control ESP/TCS button) which can turn a system on or off in two ways:
-system activates when the car is turned on, button can turn the system off
-system not activated when car is turned on, button can turn system on or off


Double Apex Water Methanol Button Product Description:
Double Apex Water Methanol Button Product Description:
The Double Apex Water | Meth Button is the integrated solution for operating your water-methanol injection system. The button lighting, feel and finish match perfectly with your Volkswagen’s interior like it was factory equipped. The red and yellow LEDs match the factory color scheme and make it easy to tell what mode your system is in. The red LED illuminates with the other interior lights and the yellow LED will indicate if the system is on or off. The button is available with a relay module that will let you activate and deactivate your system, or with a simple wiring harness for custom applications.

About The Options
Low Current Switched 12V - Use when switching a low current (<1.5 amps) 12V device such as an injection solenoid. For installation convenience the relay is "bridged", so the relay coil shares power with the switched circuit.

High Current / Constant / Non 12V - Use when switching a high current (1.5A-10A) device such as a pump, or when switching constant power or something other than 12V. Separate power sources are used for the relay coil and switched circuit.

DIY - This kit includes the momentary function button and a simple wire harness for the switched circuit and the red and yellow button LEDs. The wire harness is built to spec. Please contact us with your requirements.

Yellow LED indicates - The yellow LED can be set to illuminate when the relay circuit is switched on, or when it is switched off.

Premium Build Quality
Factory like integration requires factory quality parts. An OE Volkswagen button base is used to ensure perfect fit, lighting and operation. A VW connector is also used and the button top is finished with an OEM, interior grade, coating. All wiring is covered with a premium braided sleeve that both protects and suppresses any noise from wire movement.

3D Printed Relay Housing
A 10 amp relay module is fitted inside a Double Apex designed 3D printed housing that is contoured to fit seamlessly with the vehicles fuse panel. 3D printing allows a level of design and fitment that would be cost prohibitive with traditional manufacturing methods. The high current relay circuit allows switching of a wide range of devices from low current solenoids to power hungry pumps. It will trigger the button's yellow LED just like an OE system, giving a clear indication of the circuits status.

•Designed for your Volkswagen's interior
•Matches factory finish and lighting
•Toggle any system on and off
•Yellow LED indicates switch position
•Easy installation, specialty tools included

Double Apex Water Methanol Button Unboxing:
Needless to say, Double Apex has one of the cleanest packaging layouts I’ve seen. Everything is wrapped safely and every tool needed for installation is required. The OEM button has a logo of the chemical composition of Water Methanol which exactly matches the font and height of the OEM traction control ESP/TCS button.

Double Apex Water Methanol Button Installation:
The included Double Apex Volkswagen Water Methanol Button Installation Instruction Manual is exactly what we want to see; a full color step by step guide to disassembling the center console and making the necessary electrical connections. The step by step instructions can walk a first timer through panel removal and electrical wiring. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the level of consideration that Double Apex put into the packaging, installation tools and high quality step by step instructions. Since I’m a huge fan of the instructions, I figured I would post the color photos with arrows instead of trying to replicate with my own photos.

Double Apex Water Methanol Button Installed:
Since this is an OEM button, it works just like the OEM traction control ESP/TCS button in terms of lighting and feel. Based on pages 12-13 of the manual, I chose the NO terminal connection (arrow B) to have the auxiliary pre-turbo injection system off to start and on when the button is pushed. The system can easily be turned on with vehicle power then turned off when the button is pushed by connecting the power wire to the NC terminal (arrow A).

Double Apex Water Methanol Button Overall Results and Recommendations:
Overall installation took about 30 minutes at a slow pace to safely run and secure the premium braided wiring harness and solenoid power wiring. Overall, the installation is super simple, the packaging job from Double Apex is very professional, the fit and finish is perfect as should be expected with an OEM button, high quality braided wiring harness and a 3D printed relay case that matches the contour of the fuse box. I believe that vendors such as USRT will have these Double Apex Water Methanol Button kits and will help users integrate this button with their current or future water methanol kits. Note to Double Apex, now I need two more button options for my 2 remaining dead buttons! I want their upcoming Double Apex Radar Silencing button with their specific Valentine/Escort/Universal smart cord wiring harnesses. I’m trying to think of another new button design, possibly something for engine bay lighting (for display or late night tinkering). If you have any switches you want to see please post your feedback here.
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