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took off the air bag and steering wheel and test fit my new wiper switch. I no longer want the air bag and steering wheel so I put on my Rabbit GTi steering wheel on. While trying to put the steering wheel all the way in the C-clip holding the spring steady on the upper part of the steering column came off. Anyone know the best way to put this back on? That spring sure is under a lot of tension. All of this just to change a wiper switch. I am going from minor to major and fast. And I consider myself a seasoned VW shadetree.

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Re: I am in a deep pile of dung right now (tdigti)

Maybe you don't need it?
the bentley show's the spring a spacer and a log ring all
above the spiral spring assembly it says
"do not turn or release when steering wheel has been removed"
maybe you dont need the spring assembly?
the non airbag wheel has no spring. can you just
get it together without that spring? it's basically evertying thats
above the turn stalk
If you need I can scan the page with the "explosion"
of the asembly of each wheel.... I can see the spring you're
talkin bout..... it is not a part of the non airbag wheel.
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